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Start Where You Are...

Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps.

Booker T Washington, Jr

The Bootstrap Mindset Course

"Clarity of Vision 2020"

In this course we will teach you 12 Principles that will radically change your life and your business.

I'm Sorry there is no Secret...

Success in life is regular disciplined daily efforts.

Upon completion of this course you will become more confident in your decisions as a Bootstrap Entrepreneur.

Clarity Definition - 1. the quality of being coherent and intelligible. 2. the quality of being certain or definite. 

Clarity of Vision 2020

We are approaching the year 2020. This is the ending of a decade and the beginning of a new decade. The new norm is Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, and hand held devices. Social Media Technology is rapidly changing the way  Entrepreneurs operate their businesses. 

As we move forward into the new decade... CLARITY is the new currency!

The Bootstrap Entrepreneurs Mindset Course is NOT a get rich quick or make a million dollars in one year type of course, but it will provide you with the foundational  building blocks that will assist you in your journey as a Bootstrap Entrepreneur.

This course will change your life and the way you think...

In this course we will share with you several sayings and topics that you may have already heard before, but we will systematically show you how these topics relate to everyday life and entrepreneurship

Remember when your parents would say....

  • In all your getting get an UNDERSTANDING.

  • No matter who's in office you will still PROSPER.

  • MONEY and RESOURCES will seek you out.

  • You have to MOVE and FLOW with the SEASONS.

  • That's not the DEVIL... That's a BEHAVIOR!

In this course you will learn:

  • How to break the GENERATIONAL CURSE

  • How to turn your GIFTS and TALENTS into a business.

  • What are the 4 streams for GENERATIONAL PROSPERITY.

  • How to think BACKWARDS to move FORWARD.

  • The TRUTH will set you FREE. Now what do I do?

And so much more, but most of all you will gain CLARITY!

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Heb 11:1

Where there's no Substance... Evidence has nothing to do!

Sometimes a Revelation is better than having meaningless conversations.

The renewing of your mind begins with a new insight that produces a new revelation.

"We are so confident that you will be happy with your purchase that you will get our 100% Money back Guarantee. If you don't like the content, the facilitator, or you just simply wanted to be noisy - we will send you your money back in full and without delay. All I ask is that you complete the assignments and spend 30 days implementing the 12 principles that are outlined in this course."

This course is valued at $197.00


If this is the kind of information you'd like to get your hands on now you can.

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This course is a self pace course that is downloadable via email.

It consist of:

1 Workbook/ with assignment after each lesson.

6/ 30 Minute Coaching Session Per Every 2 Lessons via Face Time


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